Create With Jenna is committed to providing creative tools for women and men who are struggling to take back power over their lives and prefer a realistic, authentic and positive approach to realizing their goals and contributing to the greater good through family, community and the world by helping oneself first.

Jenna’s Story

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 7.24.53 AMMy name is Jenna Edwards and I hail from a small town in Minnesota.  On July 16th, 2003 I was buying oranges at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market when I was struck in the now infamous “Farmer’s Market Crash” which left 10 people dead and 64 of us with serious injuries, both physical and mental.

On that horrific day, a car going sixty miles an hour came crashing through the outdoor market sending tables, debris and people flying through the air.  One of those tables flew at me like a bullet pinning me to the ground and knocking all the joy and life out of my body with a giant jolt.


I struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  so severe it sent me into flashbacks that caused me to pass out daily.  I didn’t sleep for eight months and ended up in a hospital psychiatric ward.  I couldn’t read, I struggled to remember common words and I stuttered when I talked.  My joy was gone and I thought my life was over.

It wasn’t, it was just turning the page on a new chapter.  While in the hospital I was able to make a collage, which I didn’t know at the time, would help me heal, regain my joy and take me on a path that I never even imagined.  It brought me to scrapbooking and through scrapbooking I have been able to heal and plan the life of my dreams.

As strange as it may sound, scrapbooking my past as well as my visions for the future helped me to heal and process things I thought would be with me forever and today I am flourishing.  It helped me deal, not only with all the struggles of PTSD, but also with issues of abuse as a child, my parents divorce, an eating disorder I struggled with in my teens and general, everyday issues I think most of us deal with.  It took a long time for me to heal, but I am better than ever and I know that scrapbooking played a huge part in that.


It is with that sentiment that I have set out to share how I did it and inspire others to not only heal the past, but create the life of their dreams!

About Jenna

Growing up the oldest of 3 daughters in a small farming community in rural Minnesota with two eclectic parents who met playing in a rock band together gave Jenna an interesting start.

With an unquenchable thirst for understanding the human condition, Jenna spent part of her senior year of high school in Thailand and her first year of college in Japan on exchange programs. She then took a job working for an airline allowing her to travel even more.

But, Jenna’s passion for acting and hosting couldn’t be ignored and in 2000, she moved with her now fiancé to Burbank, CA where she appeared in UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE along with several independent films. Growing up “in the business”, Jenna knew that it was not all glitz and glamour, in fact, she knew the glamour only came after lots and lots of hard work. Knowing that in order to be better at her chosen profession, she needed to understand what others did in the business so she took jobs with agents, managers, casting directors and did various on-set crew work.
Then in 2008 Jenna found herself with the opportunity to start producing. She produced several short films then moved on to her first feature, the award winning film, APRIL SHOWERS. Building on the success of April Showers, Jenna produced the first narrative feature film to premiere exclusively on Hulu.
Jenna helped create and was a host on the Movie Maker Magazine top ranked podcast, FILM METHOD and wrote an advice column for Film Method for 2 years. Along with producing, hosting the Film Method podcast and writing the Film Method Mailbag advice column, Jenna has done private consulting on many independent projects and coached many filmmakers and actors throughout her 12 years in Los Angeles. Jenna can currently be heard on her radio show Create Your Life with Jenna Edwards on Universal Broadcast Network. You can listen live on Mondays at 11AM PST or as a podcast later at and is available for consultations at 818.219.2695 or
For a partial list of Jenna’s credits please visit IMDb


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