Craft_with_Jenna_Image.001 Below is a series of craft videos I was brought on to do for It was a really fun exercise for me as I didn’t get to choose the projects and had to come up with creative ways to create how-tos on subjects I hadn’t worked with before. I am grateful for the opportunity.

If you would like to do one of my craft workshops, please note that there is always an empowering theme to them as I use crafting and DIY projects to empower those I work with to achieve their goals and create their lives.

I hope enjoy the videos below and are able to create something beautiful in your life.


How to Do a Perception Collage

How to Make Personalized Stationery From Organic Paper

How to Decorate a Picture With Tulle

How to Decorate a Scrapbook Cover With a Nautical Theme

How to Make a Collage for a Birthday Party

How to Make a Scrapbook With Wedding Cards

Faux Paper Bracelet Crafts

Letter Embellishment Projects

How to Make a Photo Collage Wall Decoration

How to Make a Bride Bow

Faux Paper Bracelet Crafts

How to Dye Fresh Flowers With Blue Kool-Aid

How to Make a Huge Valentine’s Card

How to Make Valentine’s Day Boxes for Cards

How to Make Flower Pots From Foam Cups

How to Decorate Your Own Lanyard

How to Make Checkered Border Paper

How to Make a Cooperation & Conflict Scrapbook

Instructions for a Six-Inch by Six-Inch Accordion Scrapbook

How to Make a Stencil Cutting Key

How to Make Picture Compilations

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